Installing an air diverter ‘T’ on the Micron Air Jet Sieve

The Micron Air Jet Sieve is a highly accurate and reliable particle size analyzer that is capable of determining the particle size distribution of dry powder in a range of 20µm to 4,750µm. Its clean, quiet, and compact design makes it the industry choice.

Installing an “Air Diverter T”

However, the Micron Air Jet Sieve will not work efficiently if it does not have the correct vacuum pressure. One way to maintain the correct vacuum pressure is through the installation of an “Air Diverter T”. If the vacuum pressure on the Micron Air Jet Sieve goes above the recommended vacuum pressure levels, (8 to 16 inches water gauge), then the vacuum pressure may be too high. A vacuum pressure that is too high may break the machine, so the installation of an “Air Diverter T” may be necessary if vacuum pressure exceeds the maximum recommended pressure.

 This video shows the proper instructions for installing an “Air Diverter T” on the Micron Air Jet Sieve. As always, make sure to follow the proper safety procedures, including use of gloves and eye protection, along with removing all electrical cables, including the power, communication, and network cables, and the vacuum plug, prior to beginning maintenance.