How to setup the Mikro Air Jet SIeve MAJSx-Basic

The Mikro Air Jet Sieve – MAJSx is a highly accurate and reliable particle size analyzer that is capable of determining the particle size distribution of dry powder in a range of 20µm to 4,750µm. It is suitable for analysis of chemical, mineral, pharmaceutical, food, plastic, and cosmetic materials, and can sample 10 to 100 grams per cycle. This video demonstrates how to set up the basic model of the Mikro Air Jet Sieve for particle size analysis.

Setting up the Mikro Air Jet Sieve

In order to set up the Mikro Air Jet Sieve, you will need the following:

  1. A Mikro Air Jet Sieve – MAJSx
  2. An industrial vacuum
  3. A testing screen.

Setup proceeds as follows:

  1. Plug the AC power cord into the AC power outlet, the vacuum power cord into the vacuum power outlet, and the vacuum hose into the vacuum nozzle on the back of the unit.
  2. Turn on the power switch at the back of the unit.
  3. As the unit powers up, the software will go through a self-test procedure. Once the “ready to sieve” screen is displayed, the Hosokawa Mikro Air Jet Sieve – Model X, is ready for operation.