How do you determine the compressibility of a granulator material?

The Hosokawa Micron Powder Characteristics Tester PT-X makes use of state of the art features to identify the characteristics of a wide range of powdered materials. The instrument is capable of determining 11 different characteristics.


Compressibility is the percentage amount of volume loss a substance will sustain when put under pressure. Essentially, it is how much an object can be crushed without being destroyed.

Determining the Compressibility

The compressibility of a material is determined through two tests: the aerated density test, and the tapped density test. The difference between the results of the aerated density test and the tapped density test is the substance’s compressibility. This video explains how the Hosokawa Micron Characteristics Tester PT-X can be used to determine the compressibility of a granulator material.