Granulator Demonstration

This video shows how the Polymer Systems HD Granulator quickly granulates and dedusts plastic purgings. The HDPE purgings are conveyed fed to a Polymer Systems heavy-duty granulator. Feed rate is about 1500 lb/hr while larger items can handle over 5000 lb/hr. The purgings in the trial are about 7-8 lb and each is about 6-in diameter. The HD granulator has 100 horsepower and features our double-angle cut. Material top size is controlled by a HD drilled screen. The regrind is pneumatically conveyed with a blower to the cyclone which collects the material and feeds the KS-II dedusting system. The unit removes over 99.9% of fines and dust. An optional laminar flow neutralizing de-ionizing system liberates fine dust. Uniform dust-free regrind discharges below the dedusting system. Dust, fines, and other contaminants are pneumatically conveyed to a second cyclone. This dedusting system removes over 99.9% of fines.

Dust, fines, and contamination can adversely affect your processing and cause rejections when you’re using virgin pellets or granulated regrind. Maybe you need to remove fibers, paper, or other materials from your product. In either case, our customized dedusting systems ensure a clean and useful product.

Often used in line with granulators, our dedusting systems range from 50 lb/hr to 10,000 lb/hr. We have experience in dust/fines removal, reinforcing fiber removal, and PET bottle paper separation and a variety of other applications. We have retrofitted many existing granulator systems with our unique dedusting systems resulting in less down time, reduced rejects, and significant savings.

Among the key features are quick and accurate dust separation, easy cleaning, dust removal down to parts-per-million, and removal of contamination, labels, and angel hair removal. The dedusting systems also provide fast and simple cut point adjustment, even flow material distribution, static elimination, and fewer reject parts. The system can be used with a broad range of commodity materials along with nylon, ABS, PC, TPUs, PVC, and PET.