Granulating and Dedusting Plastic Purgings

This video shows how the Polymer Systems HD Granulator quickly granulates and dedusts plastic purgings. The HDPE purgings are conveyed fed to a Polymer Systems heavy-duty granulator. Feed rate is about 1500 lb/hr while larger items can handle over 5000 lb/hr. The purgings in the trial are about 7-8 lb and each is about 6-in diameter.

The HD granulator has 100 horsepower and features our double-angle cut. Material top size is controlled by a HD drilled screen. The regrind is pneumatically conveyed with a blower to the cyclone which collects the material and feeds the KS-II dedusting system. The unit removes over 99.9% of fines and dust. An optional laminar flow neutralizing de-ionizing system liberates fine dust. Uniform dust-free regrind discharges below the dedusting system. Dust, fines, and other contaminants are pneumatically conveyed to a second cyclone. This dedusting system removes over 99.9% of fines.