Flexomix Continuous Agglomeration System

Demonstration of the Flexomix continuous agglomeration system, a powerful combination of powder processing equipment developed by Hosokawa.

Agglomeration, also called wet granulation or particle size enlargement, is a great solution for improving physical properties like flowability, wettability and dispersability, bulk density and product appearance.

The Flexomix agglomeration system is a combination of two proven Hosokawa technologies: the Flexomix continuous mixer/agglomerator and the Schugi® fluid bed dryer and cooler. This combined design provides optimal process control and makes the Flexomix the ultimate powder processing solution.

The Flexomix has been designed to be compact whilst allowing for homogeneous mixing of powders and liquids at capacities of up to 40 000 kg/h. To achieve this, the Flexomix has a flexible mixing chamber and a shaft with pitch-adjustable mixing blades that rotate at high speed. The fluid bed dryer is specially designed for this system as a stationary unit without any moving parts, making it perfect for scaling up to almost any size.

The Flexomix system produces instant agglomerates with an open, raspberry-like structure, good solubility and good flow characteristics.