Cyclomix High Shear Paddle Mixer

 Video demonstration of the Cyclomix, a high-speed, intensive paddle mixer specially designed for mixing cohesive powders with liquids or melt binders.

The Cyclomix is available in sizes ranging from 100 ml (Mini Cyclomix lab model) up to 2000 liters product volume. In this video, senior application engineer Allet Krug demonstrates a 5 litre model, blending calcium carbonate powder with iron oxide pigment.

The Cyclomix is a multi-purpose, high-shear impact mixer and agglomerator that is suitable for a variety of applications. It combines different processes in one single machine and is the ideal choice for intensive thermal processing of high energy input; high degree of dispersion and homogeneity and ultra-short cycle times. It also handles pastes, slurries and liquids with varying characteristics with ease, due to its combination of high-shear and high-impact forces.

The Cyclomix high-shear impact mixer offers a high level of homogeneity in the end product, such as frequently demanded by the food-, chemical-, plastic-, toner-, mineral-, cosmetic- and pharmaceutical industries.