Cleaning the air filter on the Micron Air Jet Sieve

The Micron Air Jet Sieve is a highly accurate and reliable particle size analyzer that is capable of determining the particle size distribution of dry powder in a range of 20µm to 4,750µm. Its clean, quiet, and compact design makes it the industry choice.

Cleaning the Air Filter

However, the Micron Air Jet Sieve will not work efficiently if the machine is not maintained. This includes, but is not limited to, periodic cleaning of the air filter. Material is passed into the Micron Air Jet Sieve using a certain amount of suction. If the air filter is not cleaned efficiently, there may be a loss in suction. If a loss of suction is observed, be sure to clean the air filter, as a loss of suction could result in the product not being able to pass into the Micron Air Jet Sieve.

This video shows the proper instructions for cleaning the air filter on the Micron Air Jet Sieve. As always, make sure to follow the proper safety procedures, including use of gloves and eye protection, along with removing all electrical cables, including the power, communication, and network cables, and the vacuum plug, prior to beginning maintenance.

Other Notes on cleaning the air filter:

  1. There is always the potential for accumulation of blockage within the elbow. Be sure to clean thoroughly. Otherwise, there could be blockage and that could result in the wrong readings or indications.
  2. Make sure that the elbow, hose, and threaded area are all thoroughly clean and free of material.
  3. Before putting the bottom plate back into position, check to make sure there are no missing parts or lost components.