Checking fuses on the Micron Air Jet Sieve

The Micron Air Jet Sieve – MAJSc is a particle size analyzer known for its reliability and accuracy. Capable of determining the particle size distribution of a substance from 20 µm to 4750 µm, its clean, quiet, and compact design is what has turned it into one of the most popular sieves for particle size analysis.

Checking and Replacing the Fuses

However, the Micron Air Jet Sieve will not work efficiently if the machine is not maintained. This includes, but is not limited to, periodic inspection and replacement of fuses. The Micron Air Jet Sieve makes use of a couple of fuses in order to start and maintain power. If the fuses are not consistently checked and, when necessary, replaced, then the unit may not power up. If the unit is not powering up, then be sure to inspect and replace the fuses, as the unit will not power up with a faulty fuse.

This video shows the proper instructions for inspecting and replacing the fuses on the Micron Air Jet Sieve. As always, make sure to follow the proper safety procedures, including use of gloves and eye protection, along with removing all electrical cables, including the power, communication, and network cables, and the vacuum plug, prior to beginning maintenance.