Can the Powder Tester analyze ultra-fine to coarse materials?

The Micron Powder Characteristics Tester PT-X makes use of state of the art features to determine the characteristics of powders made out of a wide range of materials. It is capable of determining 11 different characteristics, based upon the material that is being tested.

Determining Flow Characteristics

One of the characteristics that the PT-X is capable of testing is the powder’s flow characteristics. The flow characteristics of a powder determine with what ease or difficulty a powder will move through a medium. This is important, as powders may not move sufficiently through a medium if the flow characteristics of those powders do not allow it. This makes the processing of this powder much more difficult.

Ultra-Fine to Coarse

One of the factors that make it difficult for machines to test a powder’s flow characteristics is its coarseness or fineness. Luckily, the PT-X is capable of testing the flow characteristics of both coarse and fine powders. This video explains just how that is accomplished.

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