Briquetting Powder Materials

Briquetting is the process of taking powdered material and compacting it into larger groups, called briquettes. Briquettes have many uses in both industry and in daily life. For example, charcoal briquettes are frequently used as fuel in outdoor grills. For industrial applications, briquetting assists in transporting powders by increasing bulk density and removing dust.

Briquetting Process

There are four steps that the material goes through during the briquetting process:

  1. The material, starting as a powder, is fed into a Pharmapaktor.
  2. The newly compacted materials are now briquettes that are connected by thin ribbons.
  3. These briquettes are put into a Nauta conical screw mixer, which separates the briquettes and rounds off sharp edges.
  4. The separated briquettes are then screened to remove fines, dust and broken particles.

The video on the left demonstrates the transition from powder to briquettes, along with the various machines used during this process.