Bearing Installation on the Mikro Pulverizer Hammer Mill

The Mikro Pulverizer Hammer and Screen Mill is an efficient mechanical mill designed for refinement and size reduction. It is capable of processing a range of materials, from chemicals like ammonium sulfate to food items like cinnamon and black pepper, and is capable of reducing the size of these materials to as little as 500 microns.

Bearing Replacement

However, the Mikro Pulverizer Hammer and Screen Mill will only function with proper maintenance, which includes, but is not limited to, bearing replacement. The Mikro Pulverizer Hammer Mill’s bearings help to prevent friction, which can cause wear and overheating, along with making the machine unstable.  Improper maintenance of the bearings can cause severe damage to the machine, and be potentially dangerous to anyone nearby.

The rate that bearings need to be replaced depends on the material that is refined and the run time of the machine. A machine that is run all day will need to have their bearings replaced more regularly than a machine that is used less often. Because of this, there is no standard recommended rate that the bearings need to be changed. However, common indicators that the bearings need to be changed include an increase in temperature or an increase in undesired movement (wobbling) in the pillow blocks.

This video shows the proper procedure for replacement of the bearings on a Mikro Pulverizer Hammer and Screen Mill. Please remember to follow all safety instructions, including following the proper lock-out tag-out procedures.