Alpine Pharmapaktor – Compaction System

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems manufactures a wide range of compaction and granulation equipment including the Alpine Pharmapaktor APC L which converts active substance mixtures into easy-flowing granule materials. This process is known as compaction, dry granulation, or just granulation. The unit’s key benefits are the combination of high pressing action in a robust design and good cleanability and maintenance. In this short video demonstration, we review the benefits of the unit and show how it operates.

The Alpine Pharmapaktor APC L turns powder into flake which is then converted into easy-flowing granular material. The unit consists of a hopper, screw augur, compaction rollers, scrapers, and flake crusher. The powder is fed into the hopper and conveyed to the rolls where it is pressed extremely hard and close together to create uniform flake. The rolls have a maximum pressing force of up to 30 kN/cm. The flake crusher then crushes the flake into granules.

The Alpine Pharmapaktor APC L does powder conversion in a range of industries including pharmaceutical, chemical, mineral, cosmetic, and metal. An important advantage is that the compaction system requires no further binders and enables the use of pure ingredients. In addition, energy consumption is reduced compared to wet compaction systems.

Through a special roller arrangement it is possible for the Alpine® Pharmapaktor APC L to be cleaned easily. Roller changes can be completed in less than five minutes.The Alpine Pharmapaktor is available in smaller laboratory models up to large industrial processing systems which are capable of compaction up to 240,000 lb/hr. The Alpine® Pharmapaktor APC L is made of stainless steel with or without hydraulics. It offers a particularly strong price-performance advantage. We improve material quality and value by converting powder to dust-free granules.

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