Air Jet Sieve Particle Size Analysis Test on Coffee Creamer

The Mikro Air Jet Sieve MAJSx comes in an advanced, computer assisted model and a basic model; both, designed to determine the particle sizes of a wide range of dry powder materials. This video shows the MAJSx Basic Model conducts the particle size analysis of coffee creamer. The steps to analyzing this creamer are as follows:

  1. Measure the weight of your first sieve screen and record that weight. Then, add your sample to the top of the screen and record the weight of the screen and sample combined. Typically, a 20 gram sample is used.
  2. Place the screen, with the sample on top, onto the air jet sieve and press “Start.”
  3. If the material is sticking to the cover, using the tapping hammer provided, slightly tap the top of the screen to release those articles.
  4. Once the sieving is completed, brush off the particles that have stuck to the lid so that they fall back onto the screen. Reweigh this screen and record the weight.
  5. Weigh your second screen, put the leftover sample from the first screen onto the second screen, and then repeat steps three and four for sieving the second screen.
  6. Your analysis is complete! You may now print and save your analysis.