Mikro-LGM Long Gap Mill

The Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill was developed by combining the well known principal of a mechanically induced vortex as a size reduction stress mechanism and Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems’ extensive knowledge of air classification and mill design. The built-in versatility and design features of the Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill have successfully overcome problems associated with other mills of this genre. For example, in the area of grit and residue control, the Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill is unsurpassed and its ability as a flash dryer is unrivaled. Excellent thermal efficiency is achieved while producing an end product free from agglomerates. The Mikro-LGM™ long gap mill effectively performs the functions of flash drying and de-agglomeration in one step. Combining flash drying and de-agglomeration results in capital savings for the customer since less process equipment is required.