Micron Viblette VBL

Micron Viblette™ VBL is a wet sieve particle size analyzer designed to measure materials down to 10 microns. The Viblette is well suited for cohesive or sticky materials that tend to block test sieve screens.

As with dry sieving, a sample is placed on a test sieve screen and weighed before sieving. Liquid is sprayed through a rotating shower nozzle above the sample while the intense vibration forces break up material films & de-agglomerates cohesive materials. A typical sample would range between 50 grams to 200 grams depending on the material. After performing the wet cycle, the test sieve screen & material sample need to be dried to determine the difference in weight from the pre-washed sample to the weight of the sample retained on the screens surface.

Using a predefined set of controllable parameters, including the test sieve screen mesh, sieving time, water flow rate, & vibration frequency, will guarantee the repeatability & reliability of this particle analysis method.