Carbon Black: State-of-the-art technologies for nearly grit-free product

Carbon black is produced by the incomplete combustion of petroleum-based materials. With its high surface area-to-volume ratio, carbon black is primarily used as a reinforcing filler and colorant for automotive tires and other rubber products. It is also used as a pigment and wear protection additive in plastics, paints and inks. A common occurrence from this process is the formation of either carbonaceous or refractory particles much larger in size than the Nano sized carbon black particles, i. e. grit. For further refinement of the end product, the Hosokawa Micron Group offers state-of-the-art process-technological solutions in the form of classifier mills that employ application-specific state-of-the-art mechanical impact and classification mechanisms. We offer you solutions to either reduce the size of the grit particles, or to remove the refractory grit particles by classification techniques. In any case, our technology produces nearly grit-free carbon black products that offer superior performance characteristics for specialty grade applications.