Alpine Turboplex Air Classifiers

The new generation of Turboplex ultra-fine classifiers offers several advantages. The vertical arrangement of the classifying wheel shaft has been modified to a horizontal arrangement, giving longer service life, considerable improvement in profitability, higher fines yield, and improved cleanliness of the coarse material. The completely new multi-wheel classifier has been developed and patented. An air stream classifier design is available. As a result of continuous development work, Alpine succeeded in incorporating unique advantages into the new Turboplex ultra-fine classifiers, even those classifiers which function according to a similar separating principle.

The progress made with Turboplex classifiers is emphasized when considering the detailed design developments. We will be pleased to explain how these affect your individual application. For example, the efficient, safe, and reliable rinsing air supply between static and moving parts ensures very precise, sharp top size limitation of the fine material produced. The constant classifying behavior additionally ensures reliability of product quality. Even when the feed rate is increased or variable, every Turboplex produces a fine material of constant quality. Technical details concerning this classifier are available on request.