AlpineĀ® Spiral Jet Mill 50 AS

The requirement of micronising even small amounts without product loss led to development of the Alpine spiral jet mil 50 AS. This extremely compact and light-weight unit was tailored especially to the demands of laboratory applications and is also ideal for installation in a laboratory fume hood.

The 50 AS is ideal for the ultrafine comminution of dry substances with a crystalline structure to a Mohs’ hardness of 3, whereby particle sizes in the range between 5 microns and 30 microns are achieved. The 50 AS is universal in use and is eminently suitable for the processing of numerous pharmaceutical substances including parenterals, DPIs, and other active substances. Even extremely small amounts can be processed easily and with maximum yield. The 50 AS is — as are all other Alpine units in pharmaceutical design — cGMP qualified and FDA approved.