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Hosokawa offers a range of Stott patented, inflatable packing heads designed to deliver dust free loading and discharge of powders which may pose a threat to health and safety of operatives and or loss of product into the surrounding pack-off or process area.

The integration within internal extraction and purge facilities delivers a high level of primary containment by providing a sealed connection between the filling device and container and is suitable for use with drums, bags, boxes and IBCs. Vented and extraction type sealing heads available for use when container pressure must be avoided. Displaced air escapes to atmosphere or can be extracted through an appropriate filter system for total plant hygiene and operator safety. Stott Packing Head Systems can be incorporation within secondary containment systems including downflow booths, laminar flow booths and glovebox/isolators.

Hosokawa Stott packing heads offer:

  • Controlled, accurate feed rate
  • Easy clean design
  • cGMP designs in which seal does not come into contact with the product

Packing Head Types

  • PH Outward Inflating Sealing Head
  • DS Downward Inflating Sealing Head
  • IS Inward Inflating Sealing Head
  • DSS Downward Solid Sealing Head
  • VP Vacuum Assisted Sealing Head


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