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The Micron Peneto Analyzer PNT-N measures powder wettability, specifically speed and weight of liquids that penetrate the powder layer.  This gives affinity between liquid and powder.  This method is widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries to evaluate the surface characteristics between powder materials and various liquids.


The instrument determines of the penetration speed of liquid into a powder surface, identifying wettability and contact angle of liquid into the powder, using Washburn’s Equation.  This operation is automated using a computer for reliable, repeatable and electronic archiving of results.

Common Applications

Battery material (cathode & anode), paint, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, ceramics, carbon black, silicon nitride, pigments, dye stuff, ink, toner, magnetics, titanium dioxide, textile, paper, fiber, porous material and ceramic molded object

Specialty of new Peneto Analyzer

  • Easy measurement through computer operation
  • Precise lifting control of the vessel ensures accurate measurement
  • High repeatability by specially designed cell shape
  • Optimal packing (option )


  • Evaluation of  “Wettability” between liquid & powder
  • Prediction of dispersibility liquid into powder layer
  • Evaluation of fine surface characteristics of particle


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