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Alpine AHM Horizontal Wet Media Mill

Alpine AHM Horizontal Wet Media Mill

The Alpine AHM Horizontal Wet Media Mill is an agitated media mill with a horizontal, cylindrical milling chamber that is universal in use for the continuous wet milling of particles down to the sub-micron range. The Alpine AHM Horizontal Wet Media Milll was developed especially for suspensions with good flow properties where a steep particle size distribution and high end-product fineness are demanded. The mill is suitable for both continuous operation and for batch mode in the case of closed-circuit milling. The AHM is available in sizes suitable for the laboratory, the testing center or for large-scale production. Alpine thus offers a complete product line to cover this range of processing tasks.

  • Designed for ultra-fine grinding down to D90 < 1 µm
  • Available for laboratory applications and for large-scale production.
  • The modular design of rotor and mill housing make the wear-protection elements easy to access & maintain
  • Maintenance of the separating element possible without having to empty the mill.

Size reduction of the particles takes place in a liquid with the aid of a bed of agitated grinding beads. In continuous mode, the product is pumped into the mill, it flows through the agitated bed of grinding beads and exits the mill through a screening element located at the end of the grinding chamber. Approx. 70-80% of the mill volume is filled with grinding beads.

The mills are equipped with stationary or mobile service units that guarantee simple dismantling for cleaning and  maintenance. There is sufficient space underneath the grinding chamber to permit the use of large-volume collection bins for emptying and cleaning the mill.

The slotted pipe separating element for separating the grinding beads is installed in the mill axis, which guarantees low wear. It comprises a screen holder and a slotted pipe screen which can be exchanged easily and quickly without having to empty the mill. Rotating stirrers in the separating zone relieve the screen dynamically and prevent blockages. A robust, double-action mechanical seal with sealing-liquid unit guarantees a high level of operating reliability.

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