Alpine TTSP Toner Classifier


The Alpine TTSP Toner Classifier was developed especially for dedusting toner. The demands made of the end-product quality in toner processing are so high that particle counters (Coulter Counter) are employed for the quality control. Specification of the dedusted coarse material is given in number%, whereby the specification generally permits 3-10 number% < 5 µm. The focus of attention during development was a maximum precision of cut, although other aspects such as handling and safety as well as operating and installation costs were also taken into account.

  • One- or two-stage ultra-fine classifier with a high precision of cut for optimum coarse products.
  • Specially designed for classifying toner and pigments, e.g. minimization of the ultra-fine portion < 2 – 5 µm.
  • Hinge-back housing makes the machine easy to clean when changing the product.
  • Classifying wheel(s) arranged vertically

The feed material is dispersed by the classifying wheel and transported through the same by the classifying air. The dust entrained in the air is transported through the support wheel and discharged via the fines discharge. The coarse product is rejected by the classifying wheel and conveyed to the coarse material discharge. The product routing is designed such that no back-mixing can occur and a high quality of dust removal is ensured. The special configuration with the support wheel is patented; it permits optimum access for quick and thorough cleaning at minimum downtime

Protected by additional patents, the TTSP tandem toner classifier is a refinement of the TSP toner classifier, primarily with the aim of improving the precision of cut even further by means of two consecutive classifying stages. At the same product loading of the classifying air, the tandem toner classifier achieves a much higher precision of cut than the TSP, or at a constant coarse product quality, achieves a higher loading factor. This makes it possible to almost treble the throughput in comparison with the TSP.

Because of the dust explosion hazard associated with processing toner, the classifiers are designed to be explosion-pressure-shock-proof to 10 bar over-pressure.


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