The Mikro-Pulverizer® consists of a high speed rotor assembly fitted with hammers. The grinding chamber is fitted with a cover containing a multiple deflector liner and a retaining screen at the point of mill discharge.

A screw mechanism is often used to introduce feed material into the grinding chamber. The grinding process is affected by three basic variables: the type of hammers, the rotor speed, and the size and shape of the screen opening.

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There are two types of hammers: the “stirrup,” recommended where a fine particle size is desired; and the “bar,” which generates a coarser grind with a minimum of fines. Both types are tipped at the wearing edge with various abrasion resistant alloys. Rotor speed affects the fineness of the grind as follows: low speeds result in a coarse grind and high speeds produce a fine grind. Size and shape of the retaining screen openings also affect the product. In general, a finer screen opening will result in a finer grind. The retaining screen does not function as a sifting screen, except in coarse granulations.

Capacity:  250 grams to 15 tons/hour, down to D97 = 45 microns

Design & Options:

  • Laboratory (1 HP) to Production (200 HP) available
  • Stainless Steel and Wear Production Options
  • Pressure Shock Resistant (PSR)
  • Cryogenic Grinding Possible
  • Easy to Clean and Operate
  • Various Hammer & Screen Configurations for a variety of size reduction options
  • Very durable & reliable designs for years of production
  • Economic operation & compact design
  • Suitable for Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food, Mineral and Cosmetic Materials

Controlled Particle Size
Optimum particle size reduction can greatly affect chemical reaction speeds, solubility, weight, color, volume, appearance and strength of ground products. Mikro-Pulverizers® provide accuracy in particle size control because the grinding action is entirely mechanical. Once a mill is set to deliver a certain product, it will continue to produce exactly the same result without adjustment.

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Grind, Blend and Disperse
Mikro-Pulverizers® grind, blend and disperse in a single operation. Intensive action thoroughly mixes dissimilar ingredients into a finished product. Heat sensitive materials are handled by adjustment of mill speed, hammers, screen and discharge air relief, as well as with pneumatic conveying. Conditioned air may be bled into a grinding chamber, or the feed may be pre-conditioned or chilled. The Mikro-Pulverizers® comes in many model sizes from small pilot scale to massive production models.


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Mikro Pulverizer Hammer & Screen Mill Demonstration

Mikro Pulverizer Samplmill Bantam MP 1 MP 2 MP 3 MP 4 MP 44 MP 66
Motor (HP) 0.75 1 5 20 50 100 150 300
Max. Rotor Speed (RPM) 16,000 14,000 9,600 6,900 4,650 3,350 3,000 2,300
Approx. Air Flow (ft³/min) N/A N/A 60 - 80 150 - 200 450 - 600 600 - 800 1,000 - 1,500 2,000 - 3,000
Scale Up Factor N/A 0.2 1 4 10 20 30 60

Mikro Pulverizer Standard Configuration