Mikro Air Jet Sieve

The Mikro Air Jet Sieve™ — Model MAJS-x is a highly accurate and reliable particle size analyzer designed for determining the particle size distribution of dry powder ranging from 20 μm to 4,750 μm.

Operation: The Mikro Air Jet Sieve - Model MAJS-x is easy to operate and quickly determines particle size with a short series of sieve test screens. The system utilizes the pneumatic sieving principle that enhances the accuracy and reproducibility of particle size analysis. Use of this device has become a preferred method for such tasks as quality assurance of incoming raw materials and the confirmation of final product specifications.

While negative pressure draws the particles below a defined particle size down through a sieve screen, a positive airflow is introduced upwards through a rotating wand. This airflow deagglomerates and disperses undersized particles and carries them through to the vacuum collector.

Precise particle size can be quickly determined at sizes from 20 to 4,750 μm. The unique rotating wand method also helps to reduce the need for tapping and increases reproducibility with controlled measurements of pressure drop and duration. Additionally, the operation is cleaner, quieter, and requires less space than other types of similar analytical equipment.


  • Integrated analysis computer with touch screen controls
  • User friendly software with step by step instructions
  • Automatic pressure differential gauge built-in
  • Automatic data recording and storage with network capability 
  • Ergonomic & user friendly design


  • Suitable for Chemicals, Minerals, Pharmaceuticals, Food, Plastics & Cosmetic materials
  • Determines particle size for dry powders from 20 μm to 4,750 μm
  • Output graphs available in linear, logarithmic, and Rosin-Rammler formats
  • Capable of calculating particle size points at 0.01 to 99.99% using the Rosin-Rammler Law
  • Economic solution to particle size analysis
  • Pneumatic sieving deagglomerates the sample while continuously cleaning test sieve
  • Samples 10 to 100 grams/cycle
  • Highly accurate & reliable particle size analysis


  • 100-230 volt, 50/60 Hz power
  • Rotating wand disperses the sample across the surface of the screen
  • Suitable for use with ASTM Certified test sieve screens
  • 16.5” wide x 10.5” deep x 7.5” tall
  • Long life & minimal downtime

Options & Accessories:

  • Cyclone for 98% product recovery over 10 μm
  • Sieve adaptor suitable for 200 mm or 203 mm (8 inch) test sieve screens
  • Multi-screen adaptor capable of analyzing 3 samples simultaneously
  • Vacuum system designed for safe, consistent and reliable performance
  • HEPA vacuum available for high containment operation
  • Brush, sieve cover and tapping hammer included
  • Validation services available upon request


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Watch a VideoHow to operate your MAJSx - watch a short video