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Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems is committed to the continuous improvement and refinement of the processing industry. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers lead the industry in technical innovations and equipment and they are prepared to share their knowledge with colleagues throughout the industry. Please participate in one of our online educational programs. These webinars are objective presentations designed to enhance your knowledge and introduce you to some new processing solutions. If you have an idea for a new webinar topic email and we maybe able to develop one.

Please note: Due to the proprietary nature of some webinar content, access may be restricted. Please use corporate email addresses only; system does not accept addresses with,, or other generic domains.

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Low-Shear Batch Mixing Technologies

Fine Size Reduction with the Mikro ACM® Air Classifying Mill

Dangers of Inadequate Containment - are Downflow Booths a Solution?

Particle Size Analysis with Dry & Wet Sieving

Basics of Material Drying Technologies

Roller Compaction & Granulation Technology

Mikro Pulverizer® Hammer Mill

Particle Size Considerations in Dry Sorbent Injection

Dry & Wet Sieving Technology

Jet Milling Technology 101

Mixing Powder 101: Basic Principles of Mixing

Reducción de tamaño de polvos grueso y medianos

Cocoa Processing

Micronization of Hard Minerals to the Nano Range

Dry Processing for Ultrafine Industrial Mineral Fillers

Basics of Classification Technology

High Containment Solutions

Particle Size Analysis

Basics of Isolation Technology

Grit Reduction of Carbon Black

Innovations in Continuous Processing

Finer Trona Particle Sizes in Flue Gas Desulfurization

Formulation Methods & Size Reduction for Inhalers

Dry Granulation and Roller Compaction Technology

Basics of Size Reduction - Part II Fine Size Reduction

Size Reduction Part 1 - Coarse & Medium

Classifying Flow Properties of Solids

Active Freeze Drying Webinar (lyophilization)

Particle Size Analysis Webinar

Wet and Dry Media Milling Webinar

Protein Shifting & Starch Activation Webinar!