Particle Analysis

Micron Air Jet Sieve 

The Micron Air Jet Sieve utilizes the pneumatic sifting principle that enhances the accuracy and reproducibility of particle size analysis. Use of this device has become a preferred method for such tasks as quality assurance of incoming raw materials and the confirmation of final product specifications.


Powder Characteristics Tester 

The Powder Characteristics Tester, Model PT-X, is a single instrument which provides seven mechanical measurements and three supporting measurements of dry bulk powders.

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Laboratory Equipment. Application Particle Size Capability (d 97 in µm)
Majac Acucut High Energy Air Classifier Classification      
Vrieco-Nauta Active Freeze Dryer
Vrieco-Nauta Vacuum Dryers Drying
Mikro Pneumatic Vibratory Feeder PF Feeder
Vrieco-Nauta Centro Screw Mixer (CM-Series) Mixing/Blending
Vrieco-Nauta Conical Screw Mixers Mixing/Blending
Vrieco-Nauta Horizontal Ribbon Mixer Mixing/Blending
Vrieco-Nauta Intensomix Mixing/Blending
Micron Mechanofusion Mixing/Blending/Particle Modification  
Vrieco-Nauta Cyclomix Mixing/Blending/Particle Modification
Alpine AHM Size Reduction      
Micron Air Jet Sieve Particle Size Analysis    
Mikro Air Jet Sieve Particle Size Analysis    
Micron Powder Characteristics Tester - model PT-X Particle Flow Characteristics    
Alpine Toner TSP High Efficient Toner Classifier Classification        
Alpine Toner TTSP High Efficiency Tandem Toner Classifier Classification        
Alpine Turboplex ATP High Efficiency Classifier Classification      
Mikro High Efficiency Cyclone Classification  
Alpine AFG Size Reduction    
Alpine AS Size Reduction        
Alpine Circolplex ZPS Size Reduction    
Mikro ACM Air Classifying Mill Size Reduction    
Micron Agglomaster AGM Mixing/Drying//Modification      
Alpine UPZ Size Reduction      
Mikro LPM Size Reduction      
Mikro Universal Pulverizer Size Reduction      
Bepex Bextruder Extruder/Granulator Agglomeration          
Alpine Multiplex Zig-Zag Classifier Classification          
Bepex Bexmill Size Reduction          
Bepex Flake Crusher Size Reduction          
Stott Glove Boxes & Isolators Containment            
Stott Laminar Flow booth Containment/Filling & Weighing